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The Independent January 15 2015

The Independent January 15 2015
90,0 MB | True-PDF | Retail | 72 Pages | english

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Handbook of Geographic Information

Handbook of Geographic Information by Wolfgang Kresse and David M. Danko
English | ISBN: 3540726780 | 2012 | 1130 pages | PDF | 54,7 MB

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The Roman Empire A Very Short Introduction

The Roman Empire: A Very Short Introduction by Christopher Kelly
English | 2006-09-14 | ISBN: 0192803913 | PDF | 168 pages | 4 MB

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Theatre Buildings A Design Guide

Association of British Theatre Technicians and Judith Strong, "Theatre Buildings: A Design Guide"
English | ISBN: 0415548942 | 2010 | 304 pages | PDF | 32 MB

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A Monkey Baby Grows Up

A Monkey Baby Grows Up (Baby Animals) by Richard Hewett
English | Jan 2004 | ISBN: 1575056321 | 32 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Simple text and average-quality photos combine to introduce a charming newborn African monkey, a red-crowned mangabey. Following the primate throughout the Los Angeles Zoo's specially designed habitat, Hewett photographed Gabbie on stone-wall perches, clipped-grass patches, leafless boughs, and bamboo bridge frames. Meager information about her physical and social development is revealed as she progresses from a clinging, suckling baby to a bold, curious explorer accepting fruit treats from zookeepers.
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JavaScript for Kids A Playful Introduction to Programming PDF
javascript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming By Nick Morgan
2014 | 336 Pages | ISBN: 1593274084 | PDF | 13 MB

javascript is the programming language of the Internet, the secret sauce that makes the Web awesome, your favorite sites interactive, and online games fun!
javascript for Kids is a lighthearted introduction that teaches programming essentials through patient, step-by-step examples paired with funny illustrations. You'll begin with the basics, like working with strings, arrays, and loops, and then move on to advanced topics, like building interactivity with jQuery and drawing graphics with Canvas.
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Solving the Paleo Equation Stress Nutrition Exercise Sleep Audiobook
Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep By Garrett Smith, read by Matt Stone, Dave von Kleist
Unabridged edition 2014 | 5 hours and 49 mins | ISBN: n/a, ASIN: B00M09DUUG | M4A @ 55 kbps + PDF | 139 MB

Solving the Paleo Equation: Stress, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep is the ultimate guide to customizing your diet and lifestyle practices to your unique physical and metabolic needs.
You'll learn how to maximize your health practices and minimize your time and effort - no driving yourself to exhaustion in hardcore fitness classes. No strict, unsustainable, and impractical approaches to nutrition, either. Solving the Paleo Equation will help you not only avoid the ravages of adrenal fatigue, low metabolism, dwindling sex drive, and sleep problems - all-too-common consequences of overzealous workout regimes - it will help you rehabilitate from the unhealthful "health" protocols you've pursued in the past.
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Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies From Bench to Clinic

Zhiqiang An, "Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: From Bench to Clinic"
2009 | ISBN-10: 0470117915 | 896 pages | PDF | 12 MB

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Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10

Frank D. Luna "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10"
Jones & Bartlett Publishers | English | 2008-10-25 | ISBN: 1598220535 | 500 pages | CHM | 20 MB

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Complete Book of Framing An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction

Complete Book of Framing: An Illustrated Guide for Residential Construction
English | 2011 | PDF | ISBN: 1118113497 | 365 pages | 101 MB
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